Carbon Management

Sustainability starts with us: Discover our innovative SaaS solutions to support your decarbonization strategy.

In a time when the creation of sustainability reports is gaining increasing importance, cloud37 is committed to innovative SaaS-solutions in the field of Carbon Management, partnering with various companies. These collaborations enable us to offer a comprehensive range of services that support businesses on their journey to Net-Zero.

Our unique selling proposition lies in a holistic approach to Carbon Management, encompassing consultancy, hardware, software, and the creation of sustainability reports.

The SaaS solutions for Carbon Management form the foundation of our services. cloud37 stands out for the optimal configuration and seamless integration of these solutions, ensuring effective tracking of measures within a decarbonization strategy and paving the way to a more sustainable future.

Our Net-Zero journey aids businesses in implementing effective and innovative Carbon Management. As a first step, we provide a comprehensive overview of the company-wide CO2 emissions across the entire value chain. Additionally, our sophisticated AI technology allows for significantly higher transparency of their Scope-3 emissions.

Rely on our expertise to guide your company on its journey to Net-Zero and collaboratively create a sustainable future.

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Monitoring & Reporting of your CO2 footprint

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Establishing baseline & energy policy


Technical & economic optimization


Offsetting remaining CO2 emissions


Net-Zero Certification

Modern, AI-powered carbon management

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