Data Management

Data is your company’s gold.

The true value of your business is hidden in your data. We help you distinguish important from unimportant, identify data streams, ensure the correctness and uniformity of your data, and guarantee consistency.

The special importance of the data for your company requires that we set very high standards for the data:


The data always conforms to the syntax (range, format, type) that was specified. Deviations from this must be identified and eliminated as quickly as possible.


A comparison of two or more representations of an object or event shows perfect agreement.


We do not use copied records.


The data completely and correctly describes the “real” object or event in question. There are no gaps in the wording.


All relevant data are always and at any time included.


The data is up to date and represents reality at a very current point in time.

Meeting the requirements requires central aggregation of data. We then distribute these to their consumers. To achieve this, it is important that the producers of data deliver it in the form of a continuous data stream to the central processing instance for further processing.