Effective energy
management through
cloud solutions

How can companies optimize and safely operate their energy and carbon management

Sustainability will be one of the most important topics for companies in the future. To increase energy efficiency and reduce CO2 footprint, companies need to implement successful energy and carbon management. At cloud37, we provide you with the optimal conditions and solutions for your business.

Optimal conditions for operation

Our Envision AIoT Suite solution is designed with a cloud-agnostic philosophy. This means that you can choose on which platform our solution for your energy and carbon management is operated. Envision supports various cloud platforms, including private data centers, hybrid clouds, and public cloud providers.

Private data centers offer companies full control over their IT infrastructure. However, private data centers also require significant investment in hardware and infrastructure, which can lead to higher operating costs.

Public cloud providers such as AWS or Azure offer high flexibility and scalability. You can align your services as needed and thus save costs significantly.

Hybrid clouds offer companies the best of both worlds – the control over their IT infrastructure in private data centers and the scalability and flexibility of public cloud providers.

Your energy data is securely using state-of-the-art technologies

However, this data is also a target for cybercriminals. Therefore, companies must ensure that they handle their sensor data and operational energy data securely. Envision provides a sophisticated IT security concept for this purpose.

  • Secure data acquisition through modern security functions and protocols
  • Transmission and storage of your energy data using state-of-the-art encryption technologies
  • Access control restricted to authorized personnel
  • Authorization concept for all resources
  • Security checks thorugh regular audits and penetration testing
  • Awareness: Your employees are regularly trained in security protocols and practices
  • Use of Security-Force tools: Firewall systems, VPN, intrusion detection and prevention systems, as well as data loss prevention systems (backups)


In conclusion, a carbon and energy management software with a flexible deployment model and a sophisticated security concept is an excellent solution for companies to improve their energy efficiency and reduce their CO2 footprint. Such software allows companies to deploy their applications and services on various cloud platforms, thereby enabling them to use the most efficient platform for each purpose.

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