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Envison & cloud37

The Envision Suite is built on the Envision AIoT operating system EnOS™, the world’s largest AIoT platform for decarbonization. EnOS™ currently manages and connects more than 400 GW of energy assets and 200 million smart devices through its EnOS™ AIoT solutions. This enables energy, machine, and system efficiency for its growing ecosystem of over 380 customers and partners across 10 industries.

EnOS™ provides pre-built decarbonization and digitalization applications, as well as a comprehensive suite of connectivity and device management, application enablement, and analytics capabilities focused on the assets of industries in various domains. EnOS™ AIoT sets itself apart from its competition by not only conducting pure monitoring and reporting but also leveraging existing data and its AI to identify economic and technical optimization measures. The resulting emission reductions inevitably lead to energy efficiency and, consequently, competitive advantages for customers in the market. The offset of the remaining emissions and a recognized certification are the icing on the Envision cake.

The platform focuses on preventing vendor lock-in. It supports on-premise, public cloud, and hybrid cloud deployments to offer the ultimate adaptability and flexibility from edge to cloud. The Envision Suite is protected by state-of-the-art encryption technologies and provides a comprehensive security strategy.

The IoT pyramid describes the various layers of devices, data, and applications within the energy landscape. The Envision Suite covers the entire lifecycle of carbon and energy management to optimize the interconnectivity of sensors, data analysis, and control, thereby improving the monitoring and reduction of CO2 emissions.

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