Which cloud37 services can benefit an SME just as much as a listed company.

Cloud Technology

Modern cloud technologies are creating the infrastructures of the future. We support you in designing your cloud solutions and moving to the cloud. And exploit the full potential that cloud services enable today.

Distributed systems

We strive to implement complex requirements in the form of small components that communicate with each other. We assemble the elementary components into complex functionalities by orchestrating them via business process management.


Classic integration builds bridges between the new ideas we realize together in the cloud and the existing worlds in your companies. We view distributed data, systems and processes as a single entity.

Data Management

We see data for what it really is: The heart of your business. Real value is added when all data sources are understood in a common context.


The challenges
the digital transformation

The digital transformation is bringing about a profound change. In the increasingly digital world, customers’ expectations of interaction with a company are to be able to use new forms of communication. This seamlessly across different channels, with permanent access to information and comprehensive transparency. In order to meet the changed requirements on the part of customers, new organizational structures, business models and technologies are usually necessary and must be implemented accordingly. Technology not only creates new customer experiences, but also new services. Digitizing processes and existing structures that are already in use increases efficiency and saves money.


Our offerings address your digital business needs and empower you to be proactive, forward-thinking and secure. With us at your side, you can rely on proven methods and sustainably integrate modern and innovative technologies into your existing structures and system landscapes. In the course of the digital transformation, existing processes must be adapted and expanded with more efficient, digital processes or even replaced entirely. The use of modern concepts from the field of cloud technologies creates room for maneuver, for example via low initial costs, fundamental flexibility and higher scalability as well as cost savings compared to classic IT solutions.

Architecture and design

  • Design of customized Kubernetes clusters according to your specifications and requirements
  • Design and plan the setup of the Kubernetes landscape, especially in terms of storage and network
  • Embedding the new Kubernetes architecture into existing infrastructures
  • Elaboration of strategies for migration to the cloud
  • Conception of hybrid solutions


  • Agile and fast implementation of business processes
  • Special focus on the use of container technologies
  • Focus on flexibility, scalability and operational efficiency
  • Contributing our expertise in the area of distributed application development
  • Support for the transition from monoliths to microservices

Our technologies

Modern software solutions will realize the aspects described above to varying degrees. While in one case the focus is on the infrastructure, in other cases it concerns the streaming aspects and evaluations in real time. A wide range of products and concepts are available for the appropriate technical implementation. We focus on a number of selected core technical technologies that we believe have the potential to create the greatest possible value for our customers.


We are available as your contact for the following technology areas:

  • Integration via vendor platforms (On Premise, PaaS, SaaS) – TIBCO Business Works/Messaging, Mulesoft Anypoint
  • Specialized integration and extension of purchase software – Microservices (Java, SpringBoot, Go)
  • Higher level application development and cloud native development – Microservices (Java, SpringBoot, Go).
  • Business Process Automation – TIBCO Enterprise BPM 5.0
  • Data Management – TIBCO Data Virtualization/EBX, ElasticSearch
  • Data Analytics – TIBCO Spotfire, ELK
  • Data Streaming and Visualization – Apache Kafka, Prometheus/Grafana
  • Cloud Infrastructure – Amazon AWS, Microsoft Azure, Google GCP, Multi Cloud und Hybrid Cloud, Migration
  • Modern operating infrastructures – Docker containers, Kubernetes


Together with you, we decide on your needs, the possible uses of the various technologies, the areas of application and the architectures of possible solutions. We proceed together to find the best concepts for you.

Our Digital Solution Factory takes care of the creation of a sustainable design, a competent and efficient implementation and the compliance with the highest quality standards – always in coordination with your teams and responsible persons, if you wish so. We package accepted artifacts and, if desired, we also take over their operation on your behalf.