cloud37 Team

Andreas Stepken

I’m always excited by the new challenge of sustainably developing our customers’ complex system landscapes. The cohesion of our bright minds in the team is very important to me. What we have in common is that we put a lot of passion into what we do.

Thomas Malcherek

I am good in my field. But without my team, I wouldn’t be where I am today. I love working with like-minded people and using my passion and expertise to achieve common goals.

Konstantin Kersch

I love to see new challenges, both technical and human , meet them and find solutions. A very big aspect of my commitment and advice is honesty and passion to help my team and break new ground. The healthy technological path between hype and reality is very important to me.

Andreas Hack

Kartheek Kedaginamane

I strongly believe that right technology can be a differentiator and business enabler in enterprises.
I am a flexible employee with a hands-on mentality who is highly experienced in designing and solving pragmatic software solutions and also leading them in a team.
I constantly strive to educate myself and learn about the latest technological developments and their applicability in business.

Mohit Mishra

Anne Kehrein

Kenneth Cummings

Florian Wartner

The cloud offers us all unimagined possibilities. That’s why it’s important to me that I can inspire our customers with the latest technologies and help them with the implementation of their projects.

Nikolas May

I love to deal with new technologies, but much more important than the question of the right tool is that at the end of the day there is added value for the user. A software that uses the latest technologies but then is not used is worthless.

Kim Petzold

I am excited about the team togetherness, and the passion with which everyone of the cloud37 team works. New and demanding challenges are always set, in which I can fully blossom with my colleagues.

Ajay Kumar

With the diverse experience in software development area, I love to work on solving problems together with the help of effective technologies present in the market. I also try to keep myself updated with the new trends in the market .

Ganesh Dathathreya Manju

I am cheerful and driven by intellectual curiosity to discover answers to the most pressing issues. I get energized by collaborating as a team and ceaselessly tend to succeed when there’s an estimation of challenge and combination each day.

We are looking for reinforcement for our team. If you share our enthusiasm for our work and value good working conditions, a great team and versatile development opportunities, you’ve come to the right place.